Millions of Australians put off getting much-needed dental care because of the high costs of dental procedures. Many would rather endure the pain of decaying tooth or walk around with chipped teeth. While these dental problems can make them loose confidence with their smile or cause them discomfort, that’s just half the battle. The real problem comes when the dental problem is neglected and eventually gets worse, causing more complicated problems—and costlier procedures.

At Battery Hill Dental, we want to keep a close eye on your oral health, detecting problems before they happen and performing the right dental treatment before things get worse. And we want to do this for everybody in our community here in Caloundra. This is why we offer not just transparency when it comes to our prices, but also affordable treatment plans that are friendly on the pocket. And that’s where MySmilePlan comes in.
MySmilePlan makes general, orthodontic, cosmetic, and specialist dental treatments more affordable by allowing you to spread your total treatment cost across a 15-month period. The coverage is for up to $9,000. Best of all—it’s interest free.

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Application is quick and easy, so you can focus on getting the treatment that you need. Just submit a government-issued photo ID, credit or debit card, and contact details. Your ID should have your current address, and also remember to provide 2 contact phone numbers and an email address. Once you have completed the requirements, just sit back and wait as our staff encodes your details. A credit check will also be conducted. All this takes just 2 minutes.

Upon approval, all you have to do now is to pay the 20% deposit and a one-off $39 establishment fee—and you’re off to better, healthier teeth.

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