For those who are grinding or clenching their teeth especially when sleeping at night, your dentist may have probably fitted you already with a dental splint, also called a bruxism splint or night guard.

Once you get your dental splint, it’s important that you observe proper caring and cleaning so that you can protect your teeth and avoid further tooth damage or decay.

  1. Always rinse after every use. Immediately remove your dental splint or night guard immediately after removing it from your mouth. Use warm water to remove any debris that may have been stuck to it.
  2. Brush softly with your tooth brush. After rinsing, thoroughly but lightly brush your night guard with your tooth brush. Avoid using toothpaste as this can be abrasive and may easily wear out your splint.
  3. Completely dry before storage. Let your splint dry completely by laying it on a clean, flat surface. Never store it in its case when it’s wet to prevent bacterial growth.

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  1. Keep it in your case when not in use. Don’t keep your splint laying around in the bathroom, as steam and humidity can deform it overtime. Keep it in your case or in a clean, dry place when not in use.
  2. Keep your case clean. Keep your case clean as well by cleaning it regularly and allowing it to also completely dry before putting your splint inside it. You can use a dishwashing liquid mixed with warm water to clean your case.
  3. Do weekly deep cleans. Use a denture cleaner or a mixture of mouthwash and water to soak your dental splint it for at least 30 minutes, but no longer than an hour.

Cleaning your dental splint can be a lot of work, but once you get into the routine, it’s going to be a breeze.