Years before tooth coloured fillings made of porcelain or composite resin were used, your only option was a silver amalgam filling.

A silver amalgam filling, also called a metal filling, consists of silver mixed with a variety of other materials, including mercury. Many people are concerned about the toxicity of being exposed to a mercury leak. However, aside from that, metal fillings have other downsides, such as increased risk for cracked and damaged teeth due to the expansion of the metal due to temperature. Then there’s the fact that you feel less confident about your smile because those shiny, dark metal spots on your teeth would show.

So if you’re thinking whether you should make the switch from silver amalgam to tooth coloured fillings, the answer still has to come from your dentists. Cosmetic replacement of silver fillings into tooth coloured ones still has to be carefully evaluated by your trusted dentist. This is because prematurely removing silver fillings before they get old can cause your teeth more harm than good. The extra drilling on the teeth may cause you to lose the tooth completely, which means you may need crowns or implants instead.

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However, if you fit the following criteria, you’re safe for a replacement of your amalgam fillings:

  • Old and loose fillings
  • Cracked or fractured teeth
  • Leakage

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