A dental crown procedure usually takes place after a root canal treatment. If you have broken tooth or you want it for cosmetic reasons, your dentist can also perform one on you.

But what really happens in a dental crown procedure?

  1. Assessment. Your dentist will first examine your teeth and mouth. A 3D dental bone beam x-ray may also be required to look at your problem tooth’s structure. Any necessary procedure may first be performed, such as root canal or dental implant, before a dental crown procedure can take place.
  2. Tooth preparation. Once all the necessary procedures are done, you’re ready for your dental crown. The area around your tooth will be anaesthetized so that the decayed and infected parts of your tooth can be removed.

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  1. Mould creation. Your dentist may take a mould of your teeth so that they stainless steel crown will be customized. Meanwhile, you will be fitted with a temporary crown while you wait for your stainless steel and permanent ones.
  2. Dental crown placement. You come back to your local dentist for the temporary crown to be removed and then replaced by the permanent ones. Your dentist would have to thoroughly clean the area again. Then, your stainless steel crown will be cemented over your natural tooth to hold it snugly in place.

Note if you have an even and natural bite with your crown so that your dentist can adjust it before you leave the dental office. This ensures that you feel as natural and as comfortable with your new crown. You can expect mild tooth sensitivity for a few days after being fitted with a dental crown. This will soon subside and you’ll be back to feeling good with your healthy teeth.

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